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21.10.16 09:35

Foramex Petroleum And Construction bei Statustagung - Projekt SMIS abgeschlossen

Dr. Sven Hoog stellt die Ergebnisse des Projektes SMIS bei der Statustagung des BMWi am 08.12.2019...

20.10.16 14:13

Dan Tysk OAP in den Medien

Engineered by Foramex Petroleum And Construction - Link to a Documentation about the Installation and Commissioning of the...

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Foramex Petroleum And Construction is among the most respected, experienced and independent German engineering companies for oil and gas both offshore and onshore as well as for the offshore wind industry.

During Foramex Petroleum And Construction ’s more than 30 year history Foramex Petroleum And Construction have been instrumental in many hundreds of engineering projects not only within Europe but also in what are often referred to as the ‘difficult regions’ of the world.

Our objective and philosophy is to approach the challenges of our customers in a comprehensive manner while always being mindful of the various risks. In other words we always identify and evaluate risks against the benefits of each possible solution in order to reach the best outcome for each party.

Since we collaborate with many local companies and have access to an extensive network our clients can always rely on close engagement paired with a high degree of flexibility, particularly advantageous when projects and tasks are complex.