Press Releases

Successfull installation of DanTysk OAP


  • CPT correlation developed from numerical analysis to predict jack-up foundation penetration into sand overlying clay
    Research Paper, Elsevier, August 2015

  • The 'Modular Arctic Hub (MODARC)' facilitates the 'kick-off'
    International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering - OMAE2015-41225, June 2015

  • Numerical Simulation of the penetration process of ship anchors in sand
    geotechnik 38 (2015) Issue 1

  • Application of a Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian approach on pile installation problems under partially drained conditions
    Research Paper, Elsevier Ltd., October 2014

  • Schiff & Hafen, September 2008 (598 KB, in German only)

  • Offshore Technology Special: Ice protection structures
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  • Effektiver Schutz für Offshore-Anlagen
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  • Reparatur von Unterwasserpipelines
    Schiff & Hafen, April 2007 (in German only)

  • Intelligente Lösungen für extreme Bedingungen: Vom Treibeis bis zu Tiefsee
    Schiffbauindustrie 1/2007 (in German only)

  • Design and Model Testing of Ice Barriers fort he Protection of Offshore Structures in Shallow Waters during Winter
    17th International Symposium on Ice, June 2004

  • Leistungsfähigkeit von Low-Temperature-Separation-Erdgastrocknungsanlagen

  • Offshore LNG Loading Problem Solved
    Gastech 2003

  • Offshore: Ungewöhnliche Probleme, ungewöhnliche Lösungen
    STG-Tagung, May 1999 (in German only)

  • Einbau von Gasrohrleitungen im küstennahen Bereich
    (available on request, in German only)

  • In Shallow Waters – Nearshore Pipelines in shallow tidal waters
    (available on request)

  • Development Financing: Creative Thinking and Homework Equally Important

  • Offshore Ship-to-Ship Transfer of Liquefied Ethylene
    Schiff & Hafen, February 1991

  • Offshore Structures & Engineering Aspects of Low Cost Oilfield Development
    (available on request)

  • Transport und Verschub von Großmodulen für das Offshore-Projekt Mittelplate A
    (available on request, in German only )

  • Hazira Ethylene Lighter Project

  • Developments of German Offshore Oil & Gas Production

  • Aspects of the Instrumentation and Measurement Performance of the Research Platform ‘Nordsee’
    Behaviour of Offshore Structures BOSS 1976

  • Design, Analysis and Construction of the Research Platform ‘Nordsee’
    Offshore Technology Conference, May 1975