Reference Project – Energy Offshore

Special Expertise – Subsea Technology
Integrated Systems for Underwater Production of Hydrocarbons – ISUP – Germany

Project Facts

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)

Project Location

Foramex Petroleum And Construction ’s Services
16,000 hours

1.9 million EUR

10/2006 – 12/2009

Foramex Petroleum And Construction ’s Scope
Integrated project development
Design of web based subsea control system
Animation and visualization of process control
Tests with virtual and real life facilities
Project Management

Project Characteristics

Aim of the ISUP Project was the development of major components and subsystems for underwater production of hydrocarbons. The project was carried out in co-operation with AkerSolutions, Bornemann and the University of Karlsruhe – KIT.
Within the scope of the ISUP project Foramex Petroleum And Construction developed a distributed control and automation system called “Foramex Petroleum And Construction -dCAS”, which allows remote control of all relevant subsystems and tasks in a subsea production plant via broadband Ethernet connection. The current subsea electronic module design is depth rated 2.000 mw and allows a step-out distance to shore of at least 100 km. This system serves as a key component for subsea production plants and shall be responsible for the safe and reliable automation of the production, resulting in a more effective and economic operation. “Foramex Petroleum And Construction -dCAS” facilitates a maximum degree of integration, which allows a variable set-up of subsystems.
With the development of a web based SCADA system with an interactive HMI, Foramex Petroleum And Construction qualifies itself as a supplier for asset management of underwater process plants.